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A friend introduced me to Camille and I was always hesitant in making an appointment as I had always thought my life was on track - that I didn't need guidance from a 'psychic'. I was blown away by my first reading. Camille knew facts about me that not even close friends knew - my grandmother's name, an infant death in my family, people that had passed. It was amazing. Subsequent readings with Camille have brought out other things about my life that I have been able to enhance. Things that I had only dreamt abou that Camille has helped to guide me to make these 'dreams' realities. - Melinda, Australia

There have been a few things Camille has said to me that have blown me away. The first, she told me about a few unconventional marriages that she knew of. One was a couple who had 2 houses next to each other. I wasn't quite sure why she was sharing this sotry until a month later my husband was offered a job in Tahoe. I had a job where I could work one week in San Francisco and one week off in Tahoe. We had a very unconventional marriage which worked wonderfully. The second, I was reminded of recently - Jan 2010. I was going through my belongings and found a yellow bundle of paper. I unfolded it and read the notes, at first glance knowing they were from Camille. One page had a note saying pregnant June 2009. I stopped and had completely forgotten about her saying this. It was accurate. I conceived June 1. - Kristen, CA

I just wanted to drop you a line to again just thank you so much for your guidance and insight. You have truly helped to put me in such a better place, I can't seem to find the words, but I sure thank you! I've found an inner strength in me, thanks to you. You helped me see a lot of things clearly. - Shannon, SC

I have enthusiastically referred so many people to Camille that I have lost count. Each time knowing without doubt that she will provide them clear, empowering guidance. I have also lost track of the number of times over the years she has been right on the mark with predictions and guidance. She is truly the "real deal". -John, AZ